Youth exchange

MEDIART promotes the value of belonging to an informed, tolerant, responsible and transparent European society, EU projects and programs, and creating positive social change in the community through critical reflection and proactive engagement.

We approached youth in an interesting and interactive way with informal learning through art as a tool. Visual art, as one of the essential elements of society, teaches young people to observe the world from up close. The activities within the project address the "dark" sides of the media, we tried to encourage conversation and discussion among participants, and by creating new content during the exchange, they were able to immediately apply the lessons learned. Everything created during the exchange (portraits, sculptures..) is complex and layered with many meanings, as it teaches young people to take a closer look at the world around them - a skill that underlies critical thinking. Through the activities of “2GETHER” and LARP, participants are confronted with other peers, a new environment and ideas, which helps them see a world beyond their own and tolerate the differences they will surely face in the future.

The purpose of conducting this exchange is to promote visual culture, to develop awareness and sensitivity, to think critically about particular topics through visual exploration and artistic expression. Participants are taught to look and think interdisciplinary. In addition to the main activities of the project, the project gave young people opportunity to discover new cultures, habits and lifestyles, develop their tolerance, understanding, a sense of belonging to European society through intercultural dialogue.

The idea behind the project is to influence the creative potential of youth to acquire new knowledge and skills, improve visual research and media literacy through different approach and working methods which comes from listening to young people and observing the local scene over the past few years. Through working with children and youth, we noticed that they respond most positively to informal and creative approaches to topics of interest. They need stimulus to be actively involved in creative processes and initiatives that contribute to the local community, while they daily become more exposed to various influences coming from media that uses the irresponsible approach in order to exploit the lability and inexperience of young people.

Through informal learning and direct communication with peers from different countries, locals and artists, participants were encouraged to participate actively through creative and other expression, innovation and improvement of their own skills and competences. By implementing and self-moderating workshops and addressing a variety of topics, they developed presentational and communicational skills and problem-solving skills through unconventional approaches and critical thinking, and felt a sense of belonging to the community and the team.




Everyday “2GETHER” activities encourage creativity, socializing, strengthen cohesion, respect for diversity and address different topics; Map out your heart (similarities / differences in desires, interests, fears), drawing portraits (detecting insecurity, opportunity to see oneself through someone else's eyes), Wheel of emotions (associations, mastering problem solving skills, communication, awareness and perception of others, understanding, trying alternative ways of completing tasks and avoiding misunderstandings; Earth collage (messages on the subject of interpersonal tolerance, human rights, solidarity), Emotional mapping (modeling clay, detecting hidden potentials, bypassing psychic blockages), Blindfolded (enhancing intuition, patience).


by national groups

POLAND Modern visual culture - power of visual images (real messages behind images)
SPAIN Media literacy; access, analyze, evaluate & create (workshop and roundtable on media literacy aims to give participants a critical reflection on its importance and impact in relation to visual art)
GREECE Youth activism (youth activism shown through play)
CROATIA Art in public spaces  (examples and debate FOR and AGAINST)



In cooperation with the NGO Association in Karlovac, which manages the Hrvatski dom, Trium was granted permission to paint a mural on the wall, which the participants themselves realized all the way through. By painting the mural in a public space, participants were able to experience and translate into work what they’ve discussed during the workshops.








// Razmjenu mladih “MEDIART- Visual art & new media” provodi Udruga za razvoj i jacanje kvalitete života Omne Trium Perfectum u suradnji s udrugama Abyss of Mind Foundation (Poljska), Koinoniki Anaptyksi Neon / K.A.NE (Grcka) i Backslash (Španjolska) u sklopu programa Erasmus+ uz potporu Agencije za mobilnost i programe EU //

Ukupna vrijednost projekta iznosi 8.675,00 EUR

Vrijeme provedbe: 6.5.-5.9.2019.

Kontakt osoba: Lana Krnic

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